Friday, July 6, 2012

About beautiful Donaghadee

What better place for the 32 singers from St. John's Newfoundland under the direction of Ms. Maria Conkey than to present the first concert of their 2012 Performance Tour at a fellow coastal town. First Donaghadee Presbyterian Church, located in beautiful Donaghadee which is about 30 minutes outside of Belfast on Northern Ireland's stunning coast is the locality. Donaghadee is a growing town on the north coast of County Down, six miles from the historic town of Bangor and approximately 20 miles east of Belfast.
With a population of about 8,000 inhabitants, Donaghadee is the closest point to Scotland, so close in fact, that the Scottish coast is visible to the naked eye on clear days. The town offers a rich history, having been one of the main ports of entry to the island of Ireland until the 19th Century. Aside from the historical buildings reflecting its rich heritage, the town has a picturesque seafront, a wide range of cafes and restaurants.

St. John's Choir performing at First Presbyterian Church in Donaghadee on Saturday 7th of July at 7:30 pm

A musical celebration of friendship between Northern Ireland and Newfoundland
Concert Time: Saturday 7th July at 7.30 pm at the first Presbyterian Church of Donghadee

 “Island to Island” is the musical theme as well as the motto for the 2012 Performance Tour of the St. John’s Choir from St. John’s (SJC), Newfoundland and Labrador, Canada. SJC is a true adult community choir whose members represent a broad section of St. John’s and its surrounding communities. Thesingers range in age from early twenties to seniors and are from all walks of life. Founded over 25 years ago, the St. John’s Choir is now being lead by Ms. Maria Conkey. SJC sings in four part harmony and has a large and varied repertoire of songs ranging from Broadway show tunes to Classical pieces, gospel to Newfoundland folk songs; spirituals to popular music.

The love of singing and a desire to bring music to the community at home and now to audiences across Ireland are the threads that hold the choir together.

Welcome to the Emerald Isle

All of us at Incantato Tours would like to welcome the 49 travelers from the St. John's Choir to Ireland. While the weather forecast is for pouring rain today and tomorrow, we sure hope that is not the case. Our friend Alan from Donaghadee emailed the following this morning:"BRING YOUR UMBRELLA!Last month was the wettest June on record (150 years) in UK & Ireland.We are expecting between 40-80mm rain today/tomorrow in one day, which is about average for the whole month of July!" Despite these not so good weather news, we hope you have a pleasant arrival and enjoy the bus ride from Dublin to Belfast and have a first good day on your 2012 Performance Tour "Island to Island".

Thursday, July 5, 2012

The St. John's Choir 2012 Performance Tour Card

Wishing everyone a safe journey to Ireland

Dear Travelers from the St. John's Choir. We wish you a wonderful and smooth journey to the Emerald Isle. Your Incantato Tour Manager Mrs. Amanda Walsh will be welcoming you at Dublin airport and I personally look forward to seeing and hearing you at the first concert in Donaghadee on Saturday evening. Auf Wiedersehen, Sandra!

Sunday, July 1, 2012

Jeanie Johnston Tall Ship and Famine Museum, Dublin

The Story of a proud Irish Emigrant Ship
Built to commemorate and honor Irish Famine emigrants and to celebrate Ireland's close ties with the U.S. and Canada, the Jeanie Johnston is docked at Custom House Quay in Dublin’s city center. It is an accurate replica of the original ship which sailed between Tralee in County Kerry and North America between 1847 and 1855. A step aboard the JeanieJohnston is a step towards understanding the daunting experience of the millions of people who crossed the Atlantic seeking survival and hope in the “New World” of North America. It is to experience the fear of the unknown ahead, the flight from poverty and famine, the pain of separation from family, and the challenge of a 3,000 mile voyage braving gales and harsh seas.
The original Jeanie Johnston was built in 1847 on the banks of the St. Lawrence River in Quebec City, Canada. Its architect was the Scottish-born shipbuilder and master craftsman John Munn. The Jeanie Johnston made her maiden voyage on 24th April 1848 from Blennerville, Co. Kerry to Quebec with 193 passengers on board. Over the next seven years the ship made 16 voyages to North America carrying over 2,500 emigrants safely to the New World. Many such ships, also called famine ships, were disease-ridden: the deaths at sea of large numbers of passengers caused them to also be referred to as coffin ships. Despite the seven week journey in very cramped and difficult conditions, no life was ever lost on board the Jeanie Johnston - a remarkable achievement which is generally attributed to the ship's captain, Castletownshend-born James Attridge and the experienced Ship's Doctor, Dr. Richard Blennerhassett.

St. John's Choir Ireland Tour - Flight Schedule

This is the current flight schedule for the travelers with air tickets through Incantato Tours. We will keep monitoring those flights and alert you of any changes by Air Canada. We wish you a safe and relaxing journey to the emerald isle.
Departure for Europe:
Thursday, July 5, 2012 Air Canada AC 697 leaves St. John's (YYT) at 6:00 pm
arrives in Toronto (YYZ) at 7:56 pm
Air Canada AC 894 leaves Toronto (YYZ) at 9:45 pm
arrives in Dublin (DUB) at 9:15 am on Friday, July 6, 2012

Return to Newfoundland:
Sunday, July 15, 2012 Air Canada AC 895 leaves Dublin (DUB) at 10:45 am
arrives in Toronto (YYZ) at 1:05 pm
Air Canada AC 122 leaves Toronto (YYZ) at 2:55 pm
arrives in St. John's (YYT) at 7:20 pm